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I graduated in 1997 with a specialized degree in graphic design and photography. These combined skills have served me well in my career. It's my experience as a photographer that has gained me expert-level Photoshop skills. This benefits clients who provide their own artwork, as I use these skills to enhance, retouch or modify the provided images, when needed.

The movie poster, Baby Won't You Please Come Home, is a good example. The movie focuses on the failing memory of an aging 70s jazz singer. 

The client wanted me to create a 70s-style album cover that portrays the general feeling of the short film. Jazz album covers of the 70s tended to feature geometric shapes, toned images and bold colors. I worked in Photoshop to add these types of effects to the provided images from the movie and digitally aged the cover so it looked like it's been around for decades.

I enjoy all types of design and as you can see from my portfolio, I have worked with a diverse range of clients with far-ranging needs.

Some of my clients hire me as both a photographer and a graphic designer. You can see samples of my work, when I've taken on both roles at my Design & Photography Combined portfolio.

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