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The idea for Recipes for Repair was born when I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme in 2009. Wanting to try the Lyme Inflammation Diet® which I learned about in The Lyme Disease Solution I called my mother Gail for some help.


With her culinary talents, years in the industry and nurturing personality, it was natural for her to offer to develop delicious, nutritious recipes for my healing process.


It didn't take long before I realized that these delicious recipes that were helping me to implement the diet and feel better should be available to anyone wanting to try food-based healing.


I knew that with with my background as a professional photographer and graphic designer, and my mother's incredible talents that we could create a beautiful, appetizing, whole foods cookbook. Mission accomplished.

This book has been the project of my career. I co-wrote and designed it. I also photographed the 65+ recipe photographs included in the book.

Since its publication in late 2010 Recipes for Repair has been awarded the following awards:

  • Recipes for Repair was entered and accepted to the 29th annual NH Creative Club's juried exhibition in the graphic design category and was recognized with the "Best of Show" award.

  • Bronze medal in the 2012 Living Now Book Awards in the Cooking/Natural category

  • Award-Winning Finalist in the ˜Health: General' category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards

Not only has it won awards and helped thousands of people, but it afforded me the opportunity to work with my mother, which was a joy for both of us.


To learn more about our book and my story, visit our book's website.

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